Does Your Garage Door Sensor Repair Santa Clarita Need?

garage door sensor repair santa clarita ca Garage door sensors are extremely finicky. If you find that you have garage door sensor repair santa clarita, you may also have a security problem.

As sensors are designed to keep the garage door from closing whenever they sense an object in the path of your garage door, a faulty sensor can cause a variety of inconveniences and security problems.

If your garage door includes a sensor that is hooked up to your burglar alarm, it also means that your burglar alarm cannot be used until the sensor is fixed. Santa Clarita Prime Garage Door Repair is a service that has vast experience with garage door sensors and can easily troubleshoot, and solve any sensor problem that you might have. We are licensed & insured. Dial us today.

How Garage Door Sensors Work

Luckily, sensors rarely fail outright. You, or a family member, have most likely simply knocked your sensor out of alignment. Sensors come in pairs, and they have to be facing each other precisely in order to work correctly.

If they become misaligned, to a sensor it simply means that it cannot ‘see’ the other sensor, and something must be in the way of the garage door. In this case, the default setting for the sensor is for the garage door to remain in the ‘up’ position. You can also tell that a sensor has a problem because its power light will begin blinking. All our techs are expertly trained, certified, background checked for your protection.

Fixing a Misaligned Sensor

Fortunately, the alignment problem is fairly easy to fix. However, in order to be thorough as they are delicate and vital pieces of equipment to the safe operation of the garage door, the sensor itself should be looked at, and a professional garage door repair service should be called out to investigate the sensor problem. Keypads and Locks Repair.

If you are having any type of sensor problem, don’t risk the safety of your family and belongings. Call Santa Clarita Prime Garage Door Repair today to make an appointment.